Who are we and what do we do?

The Mammal Survey Group of Victoria (Inc.) is a voluntary association of people who are concerned with the effect of declining natural habitat and environment destruction has on wildlife in Victoria, particularly the native land mammals.  

Surveying methods include trapping of small mammals, spotlighting of mammals at night and observations of diurnal mammals and birds during the day.  As a rule we do not handle animals captured in traps, except for bats as it is necessary to measure them for the purpose of identification.

Equipment used by MSGV includes cage and Elliot traps, ‘Harp’ bat traps, spot lights and more recently motion sensing digital surveillance cameras.  These cameras are becoming our most useful tool for conducting surveys and are replacing the use of traps in many situations.

The group’s objectives are to:

• study the distribution and occurrence of mammals in Victoria by means of field work;
• record the results of field work studies by preparing mammal survey reports and, where appropriate, publish the results;
• provide the results to government department data bases to assist in monitoring the status of mammals in Victoria;
• further members’ awareness and appreciation of Natural History and to encourage the conservation of mammals and their habitat;
• co-operate with and assist the appropriate Government Departments and other organisations having similar interests and objectives regarding mammals in Victoria.

In general most members have a strong interest in and wish to learn more about wildlife, but otherwise are not involved with occupations or work related to the activities of the group.  Some members however are qualified zoologists/ecologists involved with research on wildlife and ecology in their daily work.  Participation in the group is open to any person who believes in the aims of the group and is interested in helping.